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Growing social media is a full time job in itself. Or is it? Are you feeling like a tiny fish in a big ocean? How can you show people how awesome you are and really start growing social media to stand out from all those other fish?

We are all born thinking we are awesome. That the world revolves around us. Somewhere along the way we lose that confidence. What if I told you, you really are awesome? You never lost it, you just got discouraged, tried to blend in, be like everyone else. If you stop to think about, though…

Who the heck wants to be like everyone else?!

How can your unique awesomeness stand out in growing social media, if you’re blending in with the crowd?

stand out

  • Stand up.
  • Stand out.

Here’s where I can help.

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I know a thing or two about blogging and growing social media. Explore the blogging tips and social media hacks I offer here on this site. If you are too overwhelmed or just don’t want to deal, contact me to discuss what VA services I can offer you.

Not ready to pass the puck? 

How to have a BIG IMPACT on Social Media.

1.  Identify your audience and identify with your audience.

Who is your target customer? Picture the perfect person in your head that your services help. What does that person look like? Is it a guy or gal? How old are they? How much money do they make? Where do they live? Picture this person in detail. Now where does this person spend time? Which social media sites would they spend time on?

Go there and target your posts to that one person. You can broaden your targeting later if you need to, but there is no reason to reach a wider audience if most of that audience is never going to pay you for your services.

This is a two part step. Don’t stop at seeking that person. Be vulnerable and open in your posts. Share how you had the same or similar problem and about your personal journey to find the answer. 

2.  Connect and engage

Now that you’ve got your perfect customer’s attention, get to know them. Don’t just talk at them; answer their comments, address any concerns they have, ask them what they need. Keep track of their questions and needs so you can add to your services and come back to them with solutions for those as well.  

3.  Use visuals

Growing Social Media

Best Times to Post on Social Media

Photos, graphs, charts… use visuals in posts to attract your audience. Visuals get more shares and are more noticeable. You can make professional images with text, graphs, infographics, in custom sizes for free on It’s so easy! 

Be sure your images are the best sizes for social media sites where you will be posting them. Your images and posts on social media should have a good description with key phrases (not just key words, specific key phrases), you can Google different phrases and see what suggestions pops up. I always check in the Pinterest search because it’ll autofill with key phrases that get searched the most. Include attention grabbing headlines, and a few hashtags. Hashtags should not be too general like #parenting. That’s not going to bring you any traffic. You want to narrow your niche down as narrow as you can and be as specific as possible; #natualmoms #homeschoolingmom #crunchymama. Type some hashtags into Google, Twitter or Instagram, see what is being used. 

4.  Analyze your most effective social media posts

Use the analytics built in to your social media platforms or in your social media scheduler. Look at the posts that are getting the most attention. Which ones got the most shares, comments, views? Why is that? Did it have a fantastic graphic? Did you ask an engaging question? Did you use specific keywords or hashtags?

Recreate more posts in the same way. However, be sure the reaction to these posts are leading back to you. For example, your weekly Facebook Funny Meme always gets the most views and shares, but  is it bringing more of your target customers back to your website? Choose to recreate posts that are most effective at meeting your goals.

5.  Explore your most shared content

If your most shared content is not bringing in your target customers, you may want to scrap those posts, even if they are popular. There’s no sense in reaching a wider audience when it’s the wrong audience that will never pay for your services. Focus your energies on those posts that get shared in the right places. Remember your target customer and where they hang out? Go back to picturing that customer and create content they will engage with and share. 

6.  Build a social media tool box

Creating great content and posting it regularly is extremely time consuming. Manage your time by using automated tools to streamline and simplify. There are so many tools out there!

There are Social Media Creation Tools that can help you create images fast, with quality photos, graphs, or illustrations, and even keep a consistent theme. If you have a certain style, font, or color scheme, you can create images with these preset to save time.

There are also many social media schedulers make it quick and easy to schedule posts ahead of time to go out each day, a few times a week, or whenever works best for you. You don’t need to be on social media constantly and your audience will see you are posting and active at the hours they are on.

7.  Join chats, groups, communities. Find your peeps!

If you are interested in it, somewhere out there, there is a group. If you can’t find one, make one! Check out Facebook groups, Linkedin, Twitter, if you’re a blogger there are plenty of blogging websites that offer support group in your niche. Join your local chamber of commerce or search for a Meetup in your area. Go to a business conference in your niche and make friends. 

It’s so important to have support from other like minded awesome people. Even if their business or niche is not exactly the same as yours, if you have a similar audience you can share each other’s content, offer referrals to each other, or just encourage, share knowledge, and keep each other accountable and on track. I find a small group, less than 20 offers the best, plenty to share, and small enough for real relationships to flourish. After all, your much more likely to want to help a good friend’s growth than a stranger and vice versa. 

How to Grow Your Social Media in 7 Steps

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