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L. E. Mastilock

va (at) slycatsocialmedia (dot) com

What I do

I share blogging and social media tips and tools to help bloggers and small businesses grow.  I also offer encouragement through motivation, inspiration, and just plain old useful advice in my posts, like grandma used to give, but for your biz (so even better!).

VA Services

I manage various social media accounts, including content & image creation, scheduling and optimization of social media channels.

Currently I have openings for a one time Pinterest optimization. $120 for 3 hours.


Currently I am offering a 50% off special Pinterest Overhaul!

I will optimize your Pinterest account as much as humanly possible in 3 hours, so you’ll have the farthest reach in Pinterest searches. Watch your views, click though, and followers skyrocket! Normally $120.

Email me to book your slot now! (address at top of page)

What else I do:

Who I’ve Worked for:

  • Bloomchase.com
  • ReallySavingMoney.com
  • Handprint Jewelry
  • Silver Sculptor
  • KimRoberts.co
  • ATeachableTeacher
  • MrsLsLeveledLearning


“Leah is awesome. I have had the pleasure of working with Leah both as a virtual assistant, content creator, brainstormer and social media manager and all i can say is that she is special and exceptional. She brought so much structure, professionalism, excellence and superb expertise to our organization.” -Uyi of Bloomchase    View review on Bloomchase.com

“I looked at my Pinterest last night – the page views.  I just want to make sure my eyes are not deceiving me.  Are you serious?  I’m your cheerleader for life!” -Jacinta of reallysavingmoney.com

“I’m so glad I found you!” Kim of kimroberts.co

“I have seen an increase in FB and twitter followers and that’s great about the [Pinterest] stats! Thank you!” – Joanne of handprintjewerly.com